Aeration Systems for Healthy Ponds

Different types of ponds require different types of aeration. It will depend on the location, the size and the type of marine life that it will hold. There is not one right answer as to what type of aerator will be best. If you are just starting out, reach out to a customer service rep for more info. They will be able to listen to the specifications of the pond in question and point the customer in the right direction. Asking questions and researching the options is the best way to narrow down the best aerator for a pond.

What does Aeration do:

Aeration adds air to water. Through the use of compressed air, tiny air bubbles are added into the pond which allows water on the bottom to be brought to the surface where it is exposed to the atmosphere. Oxygen is needed so that the pond stays healthy and has a properly functioning ecosystem.

Deep Ponds:

Ponds deeper than 6′ are not able to produce oxygen properly. The bottom of a pond will run out of oxygen first and if the bottom is not healthy, the entire pond will suffer. If poor oxygen levels are not present, animals that clean the pond will not be able to survive. The pond’s nutrients diminish and algae sediments will take over. Diffused pond aerators are most commonly installed in deep ponds where oxygen levels will be an issue. Diffused pond aeration kits lay on the bottom of the pond which allows the pond to receive maximum aeration.

Shallow Ponds:

If a pond is shallow, aeration may still be needed. If the pond appears stagnant or if the wildlife seems to be suffering, aeration should be introduced. For shallow ponds, surface aeration is the best option. A fountain is the perfect solution because they are pretty and splash the surface so aeration can take place. Lighting can also be added so the pond is enjoyed even at night. There are different types of fountain settings to choose from. Surface aeration is recommended for ponds that are less than 5′ feet deep. If you are unsure of the type of aeration system needed, contact a representative who can guide you to the right set up.